TIWARI Dhananjay


TIWARI Dhananjay


Dhananjay Tiwari (born 1988) is a Post-doctoral Researcher. He is part of the Spin textures research team, SPINTEC. His current mainstream research topics are nanomagnetism and spintronics of cylindrical magnetic nanowires and nanotubes. These include domain wall motion and magnetoresistance, Magnetic and electrical characterization of core-shell nanotubes covering both fundamental aspects and concerns for application.

He joined SPINTEC in July 2019, Grenoble. His previous research topics include the study of magnetization dynamics using CoFeB/MgO based Magnetic tunnel junctions and Ferromagnetic/Non-magnetic heavy metals (FM/NM) bilayers . The characterization technique used are Spin torque ferromagnetic resonance technique, Ferromagnetic resonance technique, MOKE magnetometry, SHE and ISHE.

Advisor: Olivier Fruchart



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