[POSITION FILLED] Post-doctoral positions – Coupled nano-oscillator arrays for brain inspired computing

SPINTEC laboratory (Grenoble, France), in collaboration with CEA-LETI, has currently two postdoc position openings to work on theory (12 month) and on experiment (18 month) of coupled oscillator arrays for implementing neuromorphic and unconventional computing schemes. The candidates should have experience in any of the following areas: spintronics, (spin-torque-driven) magnetization dynamics, neuromorphic computing, dynamical systems, high frequency measurement techniques (for the experimental position), spin wave formalism (for the theory position).

For the theory position, the fellow will perform numerical simulations combined with analytical calculations to explore different concepts for controlling the phase dynamics of coupled oscillator arrays. For the experimental position, the fellow will realize the spintorque oscillator devices (via nanofabrication using our clean room facilities) and will carry out high-frequency experiments to validate proposed concepts.

Candidates should send a CV and a letter of motivation to Ursula.ebels@cea.fr and philippe.talatchian@cea.fr, from the microwave devices and Artificial intelligence research teams.

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