The value of a PhD project – Training through research

Conducting a PhD project provides young engineers and scientist with a robust background for their future career, be it in the academic or private sector. Through exposure and direct contribution to research, you will gain scientific and technical expertise, train your communication skills, develop project management and collaborative working methods, and build a network. Close to 100% of our PhDs get employed very soon after graduating, with an equal share between the academic and private sector, largely in R&D for the latter case.

The various ways to work as a a PhD at SPINTEC

We regularly open PhD positions with readily-available grants based on our own funding. Such positions are advertised below, when available. Besides this, there are a significant number of programs to apply for grants, in a joint project involving the candidate and the laboratory, as listed below. A list of research topics for which we are seeking candidates is updated on a yearly basis, typically during the Fall, to be displayed on this page. The list of topics proposed for Master-2 internships already provides a good starting point.

Part of our PhD projects are conducted in an international collaborative framework with a foreign university. This can take the form of a co-funding and co-tutella with a joint degree, or secondments with duration of a few months or longer.


Some PhD funding agencies

Latest positions posted

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