SPINTEC is a research laboratory hosting staff belonging with national Institutes CEA and CNRS, and local Universities Université Grenoble Alpes and Grenoble Institute of Technology. The process for opening positions and applying varies depending on the Institute:

  • CEA: in general, positions are open for integration in a well-defined laboratory, in our case SPINTEC. In case of opening, the position will be advertised below, along with the procedure to follow.
  • CNRS
    • Research positions are open at the national level, with no pre-allocation to the labs; it is an open competition between all candidates. Openings are advertized in the Fall (typically Oct-Nov), and deadline for application is generally set to the first days of January. General information about this process and careers can be found here. Please inquire in advance if you are interested to apply.
    • Technicians and Engineers positions are be advertised below when some are open, along with the procedure to follow. General information about this process and carrers can be found here.
  • Universities: positions and open yearly. Positions may target a given laboratory, a topic over a range of laboratories, or be open. Openings for associate professorships and professorships are separate. The opening and competition usually take place during the Spring.

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