Tenured associate professor position – Digital and mixed level circuit and architecture design and validation

Research. The hired person will join the spintronics IC design team, bringing complementary expertise in circuit design and architecture. The aim is to create a holistic chain of design and validation skills, covering all levels of abstraction and enabling the implementation of robust design/validation approaches, from circuit level to architecture and system level (models, physical and statistical exploration tools, fast design/synthesis and simulation of circuits and architectures, etc.). The position will also interface with other teams in the laboratory, in particular Artificial Intelligence and MRAM. His/her contribution will give new impetus and diversify the numerous collaborations with laboratories at national (LIRMM, INL, IM2NP, CNRS-Thales, EMSE, C2N, etc.) and international level (KIT, Univ. of Maryland, Univ Purdue, TU Dresden, Univ. Newcastle, IHP Microelectronics) as well as industrial partners (TowerJazz, TRAD, Greenwaves, ST Microelectronics, Tiempo IC, Dolphin, Idemia, Electronic Marin…).In-memory computing will occupy a privileged place, both for its importance in current developments in computing architectures, and for its relevance to emerging technologies such as spintronics (and MRAM), RRAM, PCM, etc. Whatever the design level considered, the inherent variabilities of these emerging technologies will have to be specifically taken into account. The ultimate aim will be to be able not only to design the elementary building blocks of these architectures (hardware gas pedals) systematically, but also to bring them up through the design flow so as to integrate them into a complete computing system.

Teaching. The candidate will teach in Phelma engineering school of Grenoble Institute of Technology, Grenoble INP. While reaffirming its three main pillars of physics, electronics and materials, Phelma is ensuring that the training of its engineering students and masters students evolves in line with the changing needs of the industry, linked primarily to energy and digital transitions. Embedded microelectronics and electronics account for around 25% of scientific teaching at Phelma, from transistors to embedded systems, including logic circuits, computer architectures, memories and embedded computing. The candidate will be involved in teaching VLSI digital microelectronics on ASIC and FPGA targets, hardware modeling languages (SystemVerilog, VHDL, etc.), design flow at system and circuit levels, design of optimized, energy-efficient circuits and architectures for embedded systems. He/she will also be involved in first-year analog electronics courses (conventional and apprenticeship), and in the Integrated Electronic Systems (SEI), Embedded Systems and Connected Objects (SEOC), Signal Images Communication and Multimedia (SICOM, joint course with Ense3) and Microelectronics Telecoms (MT) apprenticeship courses. As practical teaching plays an important role at Phelma, the candidate will be expected to provide a significant proportion of teaching in the context of design offices, projects and practical work.

Profile. The candidate should have research experience in several of the following fields: design and validation of digital or mixed circuits and architectures, hardware design for power and consumption optimization, design of reconfigurable, robust and secure systems-on-chip. His/her profile will mainly cover the highest levels of abstraction in microelectronics, from the implementation of the design flow and validation of architectures and systems, or in the design of integrated circuits at full custom level. The ability to teach in English is imperative, as a number of the school’s courses are taught strictly in English. International experience is a definite asset.

How to apply: this position is likely to be published in the 2024 Associate Professor national recruitment campaign, to be announced in February 2024. Potential candidates should contact: direction.spintec@cea.fr, attaching a complete CV, a cover letter and recommendation letters.

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