PhD and Postdoc offer – Exploring novel hardware approaches based on spintronics nano-oscillators for unconventional computing

One PhD position and one 12 months postdoc position are available for the following topic.

Spintronics concepts and devices, such as magnetic tunnel junctions, offer novel low power hardware approaches for implementing unconventional computing schemes. Some of these make use of the phase dynamics of spintronics oscillators that have the capability to convert a DC current into an RF output voltage signal at gigahertz frequencies. The proposed project builds on Spintec’s expertise to realize and study the non-linear dynamic properties of these spintronics oscillators.

The project aims at experimentally investigating the phase dynamics of a specific spintronic oscillator configuration and to build an array of coupled oscillators. The collective dynamics of the array will be studied as a function of different control parameters. The work includes nanofabrication of the devices, performing high frequency experiments as well as numerical simulation to analyse the results.

The candidate will work with researchers from three research teams (RF spintronics, artificial intelligence and theory). The subject area provides training on different levels, ranging from magnetic tunnel junction fabrication, magneto-transport and magnetization dynamic properties, high frequency measurement techniques, numerical simulation approaches as well as concepts of unconventional computing.

For applications, please send a CV and a letter of motivation to :
Ursula EBELS and Philippe Talatchian

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