18 months post-doctoral position: Magnetically actuated metamaterials for biotechnology applications

The SPINTEC and SyMMES laboratories of INAC (CEA-Grenoble), offer an 18 months post-doctoral position on the development of magnetically actuated metamaterials prototypes for biotechnology applications. This work is part of the ABIOMATER European FET project, aiming at the creation of magnetically actuated soft metamaterials as a basis for micro-mechanical devices. Based on the results already obtained on the fabrication of soft Magneto-Elastic Membranes (MEM) with micrometer-sized magnets embedded in PDMS, the candidate will conduct the following studies:

  • Study of Bioreactor Systems, consisting in vibrating MEM-based single-layer or 3D systems in which cells will be incorporated;
  • Fabrication and study of MEM-based Micro-Lens with the goal of achieving tunable optical properties, using a magnetic field to tune the shape of the stretched membrane;
  • Fabrication of MEM Muscle Analogue, by the design of membranes with magnetically controlled anisotropic contraction.

Candidates should send a CV and a letter of motivation to Robert Morel, preferably before 28th February 2017.

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