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Recruiting a Research Scientist on spintronic neuromorphic computing

Artificial Intelligence 300x200

Spintec Positioned at the crossroad of science and technology, SPINTEC (SPINtronique et TEchnologie des Composants, http://www.spintec.fr) is one of the leading spintronics research laboratories worldwide. SPINTEC was created in 2002 and rapidly expanded to currently reach 100 peoples, of which 43 permanent staff from CEA, CNRS and Grenoble-Alpes University. The lab aims at bridging the […]

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We are pleased to announce the arrival on June 2, 2020 of Kevin Garello at SPINTEC. Kevin comes from IMEC Belgium, where he was in charge of exploratory magnetic memory activities, being in addition the leader of spintronic work package for Graphene Flagship. Within the MRAM team, Kevin will bring his vision and know-how of […]

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We are pleased to announce the arrival on June 1st, 2020 at SPINTEC, within the Spintronics IC design team of Lorena ANGHEL, professor at Grenoble INP / PHELMA, currently deputy director in charge of Research at Grenoble INP, in the fields of microelectronics, electronics and embedded systems. After a 23-year career in the TIMA laboratory, […]

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LATEST PUBLICATIONS Publications archives

Metamagnetism of Weakly Coupled Antiferromagnetic Topological Insulators

Layered magnetic topological insulators are candidate to unveil novel electronic phases controlled by the magnetization. In MnBi4Te7, we evidenced a transition from an antiferromagnetic to a ferromagnetic-like metamagnetic state, possibly realizing the quantum anomalous Hall regime in ultra-thin films above 1K. 3D topological insulators ideally have an insulating bulk and 2D gapless topological surface states […]

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Spin-orbitronics at a topological insulator-semiconductor interface

Topological insulators (TI) represent a new class of insulating materials hosting metallic surface states. Moreover, those surface states exhibit a Dirac cone energy dispersion where the strong spin-orbit coupling leads to a helical spin texture at the Fermi level. This property can be exploited to detect spin currents in conventional semiconductors like silicon or germanium. […]

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Review — Cancer treatment by magneto-mechanical effect of particles

Cécile Naud, Caroline Thébault, Marie Carrière, Yanxia Hou, Robert Morel, François Berger, Bernard Dieny, Hélène Joisten, Nanoscale Advances, RSC (2020). Cancer treatment by magneto-mechanical effect of particles (TMMEP) is a growing field of research. The principle of this technique is to apply a mechanical force on cancer cells in order to destroy them thanks to […]

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