ANR Jeune Chercheur ASTRONICS (Antiferromagnets Spintronics)

In spintronics, the spin dependent transport properties of ferromagnetic (F) materials lie at the heart of devices working principles. Conversely, antiferromagnetic (AF) materials are so far used for their magnetic properties only. However, spin dependent transport with AF materials is of high interest: spin absorption lengths are expected to be longer in AF than in F materials. This, together with the fact that AF materials show no stray fields, would permit lower power consumption and ultimate downsize scalability. The aim of this ‘Jeune Chercheuse – Jeune Chercheur’ (JCJC) project is the study of spin dependent transport with AF materials (spin penetration depth, spin mixing conductances, spin absorption mechanisms, spin Hall angle; and subsequent spin transfer and spin-orbit torques) in order to pave the way and set the fundamental foundations towards AF-spintronics.

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