New research Engineer Dr. Miguel RUBIO ROY joins Spintec

Miguel Rubio Roy joined Spintec on April 17, 2017 as a Materials Research Engineer (in the framework of CNRS NOEMI campaign).

Curriculum Vitae

Miguel defended his Ph.D. at the University of Barcelona, devoted to surface properties of amorphous carbon layers, development and implementation of a thin film sputtering reactor. He then gained his postdoctoral experience at:
– Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) in Atlanta, GA (USA) on epitaxial growth of graphene on SiC;
– CEMES, Toulouse (France) on nanofabrication, chemical functionalization and characterization of graphene devices and silicon microstructures;
– ICMAB–CSIC, Barcelona (Spain) on nanofabrication of gold magnetoplasmonic structures.

Since 2014, Miguel have been working as a Research Engineer at LLR – IN2P3 – CNRS, Palaiseau (France). His primarily contributions on instrumentation control and data acquisition for particle detectors.

Mission at Spintec

At Spintec, Miguel will work with Materials team at Materials–Instrumentation–Nanofabrication cluster. He will work alongside Stéphane Auffret on the deposition of novel materials and spintronic stacks, mainly sputtering. This will be done in close interaction with groups working on devices and concepts, especially for the sake of MRAM of skyrmion materials.

We welcome Miguel at Spintec!

Arrival of Dr. Miguel RUBIO ROY

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