Aurélien Masseboeuf joins SPINTEC

Aurélien Masseboeuf is a recognized expert in transmission electron microscopy techniques applied to magnetic microscopy. Following a PhD and post-doc period in Grenoble, he further developed his expertise and carrier during ten years as CNRS research scientist. He has been working in CEMES (Toulouse), one of the craddles of French electron microscopy. Aurélien joined Spintec in its spin textures team on 1st September 2019.

Aurélien will conduct an ambitious research project on magnetic imaging at the nanoscale using electron holography, in particular combined with high-frequency stimuli and time resolution. To achieve this, he will develop a new type of TEM imaging by implementing time resolution to such instruments, based on the synchronization of a stimuli and the ultrafast blanking of the electron beam (see the ANR supporting project MILF). He will then combine nanofabrication to implement the in situ stimuli during imaging, and in operando investigations. All this will be done cooperatively with Spintec teams, the nanocaracterization platform PFCN, and tight ties with CEMES and Institut Néel.

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