Application of bio-functionalized magnetic micro-particles elaborated by the top-down approach

Selma Leulmi is a PhD student at SPINTEC with background both in nanotechnology and biology who conducts the study on triggering cancer cell apoptosis. This particular project is currently explored at SPINTEC in collaboration with INAC/SPrAM and INAC/SCIB. Microparticles elaborated by the top-down approach are being developed at SPINTEC for eventual dispersion in solution. They are being optimized for this innovative application which aims at triggering the programmed death of targeted cancer cells, (apoptosis) using magneto-mechanical vibrations (illustrated in Ref. [1]).

[1] “Biofunctionalized magnetic-vortex microdiscs for targeted cancer-cell destruction”, D.-H. Kim ,E. A. Rozhkova, I. V. Ulasov, S. D. Bader, T. Rajh, M. S. Lesniak and V. Novosad, Nature Materials 9, 165, feb. (2010)


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