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On October 23 at 11am at SPINTEC room 434A, Guillaume Salagnac (left) and Tanguy Risset (right) from INRIA Lyon will kindly present the work of their team during a seminar entitled:

NV-RAM and harvesting technologies for next generation sensors: a system and software perspective

The Socrate Inria Team (https://team.inria.fr/socrate/) has launched a new research activity focused on low-power systems which study the impact of NV-RAM and harvesting technologies on next generation sensors. Guillaume Salagnac and Tanguy Risset will present the pioneering works of Socrate in this field. More precisely, Tanguy Risset will present the works and objectives of the new research team and Guillaume Salagnac will focus on a particular achievement of the team: the Sytare tool (https://gitlab.inria.fr/citi-lab/sytare/), a lightweight kernel for handling transient power on NV-RAM based micro-systems.

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