PhD thesis defense : Synchronization mechanisms of spin transfer oscillators

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On Thursday, the 08th Of February 2018 at 13h30, Jérôme HEM from DRF/INAC/SPINTEC, will defend his PhD thesis entitled “Synchronization mechanisms of spin transfer oscillators”
Place : GreEn-ER area, Amphitheater 2B010 – 21 Avenue des Martyrs, 38000 Grenoble

The spin-transfer torque oscillator is a nano-sized system which could be part of the next generation of microwave current controlled oscillator. However, the oscillator is strongly affected by thermal fluctuations as every nano-sized system, which strongly degrades its spectral coherency. To solve this issue, the most promising strategy is to mutually synchronize an array of oscillators. In order to find the best synchronization schemes, one has to better understand the synchronization of the oscillator to an external source. The present work is essentially theoretical and consists to study the synchronization of a spintronic oscillator to a microwave external signal. The dynamic equation of the magnetization (Landau-Lifshitz-Gilbert-Slonczewski equation) is transformed in a simplified complex amplitude equation, which allows to address the different synchronizations mechanisms in a unified way. In particular, we introduce the canonical forcing function of the oscillator by transforming the torques {m x ui, m x m x ui} i=x,y,z and then discuss their synchronization properties. If the oscillator is strongly non-isochronous (|V| >> 1), it becomes possible to address the combination of forcing functions, study of the transient regime, study of synchronization under thermal noise or under strong amplitude external signal. Analytical studies are compared with numerical simulations and experiments on magnetic tunnel barrier oscillators.

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