We are pleased to announce the arrival on June 1st, 2020 at SPINTEC, within the Spintronics IC design team of Lorena ANGHEL, professor at Grenoble INP / PHELMA, currently deputy director in charge of Research at Grenoble INP, in the fields of microelectronics, electronics and embedded systems.

After a 23-year career in the TIMA laboratory, Lorena Anghel will be in charge of a transversal mission in the laboratory on artificial intelligence, covering both hardware aspects and neuromorphic architectures.

At a time when spintronic technologies are reaching a certain maturity and industrial relevance, the integration of Lorena Anghel into SPINTEC teams will accelerate the emergence of new projects, her arrival being an excellent opportunity for the laboratory in the context of the initial actions of the Grenoble-based institute of artificial intelligence MIAI and will help structure our actions in the field.

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