MISTRAL – An ANR project

MISTRAL stands for MRAM/CMOS Hybridization to Secure Cryptographic Algorithms, an 42-month ANR project starting on October 2019, coordinated by EMSE (Ecole des Mines de St Etienne in Gardanne).

MISTRAL is addressing the security of the cryptography embedded in connected objects at its highest standards while keeping concern by the energy footprint. Consequently, MISTRAL aims at proposing innovative research about the MRAM and CMOS hybridization to secure LightWeight Cryptographic (LWC) algorithms with a particular focus on the resistance against physical attacks at lowest energetic impact. The proposed methodology and estimated results rely on Light Weight Cryptography algorithm benchmarking as reference point to compare future results, on countermeasures against fault attacks taking benefit from MRAM/CMOS hybridization properties, on LWC algorithm hybrid designs and on simulation, nanofabrication, characterization and modeling of MRAM devices.

Contact: Grégory Di Pendina, from the Spintronic IC Design team.


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