Nanoviber – An ERA-NET project at SPINTEC


NANOVIBER (EURONANOMED-II ERA-NET project) was accepted at the Fall 2016.

Context: Despite the progress of chemo-radiotherapy, molecular and cellular therapies as well as neurosurgery, glioblastoma remains a deadliness disease. Beside drugs, radiotherapy and surgery, “physical” therapies are synergistic opportunities to solve this major biomedical bottleneck. Paramagnetic particles have been extensively used in association with magnetic stimulation to destroy glioblastoma tissues using thermal strategy (hyperthermia).

Aims and methods: Recently, the impact of vibrational non-thermal strategies has been introduced as a new opportunity. In vitro efficacy has been demonstrated by using innovative micro-nano-particles harboring strong anisotropic magnetic properties. To the opposite of the thermal strategy, low cost devices are used to induce vibration providing a strong medico-economic transferability of the technology.

At SPINTEC, the group Health and Biology recently validated the therapeutic interest of specific spintronic particle for anti-tumor vibrational therapy in vitro. Likewise, SPINTEC developed an innovative vibrational device for in vitro and in vivo vibrational stimulation using simple magnets rotating at 20 Hz thus generating a local rotating magnetic field.

The objective of the 3 years project is to boost the preclinical validation and toxicology of these particles, to support rigorously a large translational program. The association of European leaders in the field of translational nanomedicine, nano- toxicology, nano-regulation, ethics as well as nanofabrication and nano-characterization should pave for a proof clinical proof of concept trial opening new medical and industrial perspectives in the nanomedicine area.

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  • Contact at SPINTEC: Hélène JOISTEN, Bernard DIENY


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