MRAMs nowadays constitute one of the main areas of application of spin electronics. However, besides the standalone memory application, the same hybrid CMOS/magnetic tunnel junctions (MTJ) technology is also extremely promising in the field of logic and more generally can yield a totally new approach in the way electronic devices are designed. Most CMOS devices such as microprocessors are based on Von Neumann architecture in which logic and memories are separate components.

SPINTEC started working in this area very early in 2003 and has already developed powerful design tools allowing to simulate the electrical behavior of complex circuits combining CMOS components together with MTJs. Several hybrid CMOS/MTJ devices were conceived and a few basic patents were filed. The challenge is now to actually realize the CMOS/magnetic integration, build the actual designed devices (flip-flop gate, magnetic look up table…) and test them.

SPINTEC has the combination of expertise in magnetism and electronics required to perform these investigations and will benefit from the proximity of LETI (microelectronics, systems, reliability of oxides), CMP (access to CMOS technology), Crocus Technology (MRAM, CMOS/magnetic integration).

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