Olivier Fruchart becomes Vice-President of the European Magnetism Association

Olivier Fruchart, Deputy Director of Spintec, has been elected Vice-President of the European Magnetism Association for a three-year mandate, alongside Burkard Hillebrands from Kaiserslautern, elected President.

The purpose of the European Magnetism Association (EMA) is to promote the development of magnetism and magnetic materials in Europe, through rising the visibility and the impact of research on fundamental and applied magnetism. EMA acts as an umbrella organization for activities in magnetism in Europe, giving magnetism a voice in the concert of physical sciences.
EMA addresses:

  • Education and training in the field of magnetism
  • Advancement in the understanding of magnetism
  • Developments in magnetism and related applications
  • Links with companies active in magnetic materials and devices
  • Representation of the magnetism community worldwide
  • Dissemination of the results of magnetism research in Europe
  • Contribute to networking through a job market, agenda and newsletter

More information: announcement on EMA”s web site, along with its roadmap for the coming years.

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