One year post-doctoral position: short-loop approach for MBE-grown FCGT 2D materials studied by ARPES microscopy (SPINTEC/LETI)

Context: CEA has recently committed to an ambitious, long-term, EU-driven research project focused on materials innovation in order to implement green and digital transitions in a sustainable way and inclusive for society. The accelerated development of 2D materials answers the need for innovative spintronics with controlled amounts of materials. An essential aspect is getting closer material synthesis and dedicated advanced physical characterization in a short-loop approach.

Objective & brief description of the work: The topic is at the interface between materials synthesis by molecular beam epitaxy and physical characterization of electronic band structure using ARPES microscopy. The main goal is to apply a high-throughput approach for optimizing the Curie temperature FeGeTe 2D materials by doping and study, within a parameters screening approach, the influence on the experimental band structure at the micron scale. A first task will be dedicated to the MBE growth (at Spintec) of doped FGT 2D materials, implementing a set of dedicated magnetic characterization; an initial training on ARPES microscopy (at LETI) will be provided. Then, the protocols for surface preparation and sample transfer for ARPES will be addressed through different approaches. Finally, ARPES microscopy will be performed on a set of FGT samples to clarify the effect of doping on the band structure.

Requested applicant profile: Strong background in materials physics. Experience in MBE growth, ultra-high vacuum and/or photoemission is a plus.

Frédéric Bonell, SPINTEC:
Olivier Renault, LETI/Nanocharacterization Platform:

Capabilities implemented in the project: (a) μ-ARPES using momentum microscopy; (b) Controlled MBE of FGT materials.

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