[POSITION FILLED] PhD topic – Spintronics with epitaxial 2D materials and topological insulators

Transition metal dichalcogenides (MoS2, WSe2, etc.) and topological insulators (Bi2Se3, Bi2Te3) are graphene siblings holding great promise for semiconductor spintronics. They possess an intense spin-orbit interaction that couples the electron momentum and spin. This coupling can be used to manipulate spins with electric fields, to convert charge currents into spin currents, and gives rise to novel magnetoresistive effects. Beyond the emerging new physics of « spin-orbitronics », these phenomena are expected to find technological applications in novel magnetic memories.

The « 2D and Semiconductor Spintronics » team at Spintec is one of the first European groups able to fabricate and combine these materials in multilayers by molecular beam epitaxy (MBE). The thesis aims at investigating and optimizing the electrical manifestations of the strong spin-orbit coupling in these epitaxial multilayers, which will include newly discovered 2D ferromagnets. The project spans the growth of 2D materials by MBE, material characterization, device nanofabrication and complementary dc/rf magnetotransport measurements (Hall and ferromagnetic resonance-based techniques).

Funding is not secured yet ; the applicant will be supported in applications to relevant fellowship programs. Applicants must hold a Master in condensed matter physics. They should send CV, motivation and recommandation letters to Frédéric Bonell (frederic.bonell@cea.fr) or Matthieu Jamet (matthieu.jamet@cea.fr). Team website : https://www.spintec.fr/research/2d-spintronics/.

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