Philippe Sabon is one of the recipients of the CNRS 2023 Collective Crystal for the Repotech project

Philippe Sabon, research engineer and head of the nanofabrication team at SPINTEC, and manager of the Technological Service team of the PTA / LTM-SPINTEC platform, is one of the recipients of the CNRS 2023 Collective Crystal for the Repotech project.
The collective crystal distinguishes teams of women and men, support staff in research, who have led projects with outstanding technical expertise, collective dimension, applications, innovation, and impact. This distinction is awarded in two categories: “direct support to research” and “research support.”
The Repotech project aims to develop computer tools for the Renatech network, the French nanofabrication network of the CNRS. The first tool developed is used to manage and track technological projects that structure the scientific and technological activity of the network (from simple academic collaboration between two laboratories to ANR, European projects, subcontracting, expertise, etc.). Repotech contributes to building a comprehensive management solution for Renatech users, machines, samples, and projects.
Philippe Sabon has 25 years of experience in microelectronics and nanofabrication techniques. After two years at CEA/LETI as R&D engineer on the 100 mm manufacturing line, he joined Silmag in 1995, where he worked on the technology of read heads for hard drives. In 2001, he joined IRAM CNRS and developed millimeter-wave sensors for space applications. He joined Spintec in 2004 to develop the PTA nanofabrication platform. He has extensive expertise in all nanofabrication processes: lithography, deposition, etching, chemical bench, and characterization. Since joining Spintec, he has developed new magnetic and biological sensors. Philippe Sabon holds 8 patents on magnetic sensors and nanofabrication.

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