Post-Doctoral or Clean Room Engineer Position

In the frame of the French national ANR project “SPINNET”, SPINTEC is offering an 18 month postdoctoral or clean room engineer position for the nanofabrication of arrays of vortex based spin torque oscillator devices. The objective is to demonstrate a proof of concept to use vortex magnetic tunnel junction devices as “microwave-to-DC” signal converters with high sensitivity to low input power. Such rf-to-DC converters are very promising alternatives to realize low power radio receivers within IoT applications such as wireless sensor networks. To achieve the goal on sensitivity, we will develop arrays of electrically connected devices. The challenge is to keep the spread of the device to device response low. This work is a collaboration between SPINTEC, CEA-LETI and UMPHy CNRS-THALES to realize and optimize the responses of single and a network of devices, as well as to develop and test system level rf circuits for three different receiver applications. The candidate should have a strong background in nanofabrication and should be familiar with common techniques of optical and e-beam lithography as well as different etching techniques. The candidate will also be involved in the electrical characterization of the static response and, depending on the background and interest, in the high frequency characterization of the devices.

Interested candidates should send their CV and a letter of motivation to Ursula Ebels.

About Spintec

Positioned at the crossroad of science and technology, Spintec is one of the leading research laboratories in spintronics. From basic science to proof of concepts and technology transfer, Spintec is the ideal place to conduct R&D projects in nanomagnetism and spin-electronics. Whether a skilled individual, a corporation or a research organization, there are many opportunities for you at Spintec. Come and join us !

SPINTEC is jointly operated by CEA, CNRS, UGA, G-INP and located in Grenoble, France

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  • CEA 1005 & C5 buildings
    17 rue des Martyrs
    38054 GRENOBLE Cedex 9
  • Phone: (33) 4 38 78 49 77

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