Post-doctoral position – Current induced dynamics of the magnetic skyrmions

Spintec invites application for postdoctoral positions in spintronics on magnetic skyrmions. Magnetic skyrmions are nm scale topological spin texture that hold great promise for storing and manipulating the information at the nanoscale. Spintec has recently demonstrated magnetic skyrmions at room temperature in ultrathin nanostructures [1] and their manipulation using gate electric field[2,3], electric current [4] and light[5]. These results are a first step towards the practical realization of logic and memory devices based on magnetic skyrmions.

objective of the post-doc will be to optimize novel material systems for efficient current induced manipulation and characterize the current induced dynamic of the magnetic skyrmions in these materials. The tasks will include the sample preparation (growth, material characterization), the characterization of the magneto-transport and magnetic properties, the nanofabrication, the magnetic microscopy experiments.

Applicants should hold a PhD in solid state physics, nanophysics or equivalent discipline. An experience in spintronics, material growth and nanofabrication would be an asset. This position is part of a larger project with the aim of advancing fundamental knowledge on magnetic skyrmions for memory and logic technology applications. The project includes several French and European partners. The post-doctorate will be carried out within the magnetic skyrmions activity of the Spintec laboratory headed by Olivier Boulle. To carry out the project, Spintec owns several sputtering and MBE deposition machines, MOKE and MFM microscopes, magneto-transport experiments at variable temperature, a nanofabrication clean room. At the crossroads of science and technology, Spintec is one of the leading spintronics research laboratories. The Spintec laboratory is located on the CEA site in Grenoble, France. Applications must include a CV, motivation letter and be posted at this link: The position is expected to start in July 2020 and last 18

More information: Olivier Boulle,

[1] O. Boulle et al., Nat. Nanotechnology 11, 449 (2016).
[2] T. Srivastava et al., Nano Lett. (2018).
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[5] S.-G. Je et al., Nano Lett. (2018).


Post-doctoral position - Current induced dynamics of the magnetic skyrmions
Figure 1 a. Schematic representation of a magnetic skyrmions. b Magnetic shift register based on magnetic skyrmions.

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