Post-doctoral position in spintronics on magnetic skyrmions at Spintec

Spintec invites application for postdoctoral positions in spintronics on magnetic skyrmions.
Magnetic skyrmions are nm scale topological spin texture that hold great promise for storing and manipulating the information at the nanoscale. Spintec has recently demonstrated magnetic skyrmions at room temperature in ultrafine nanostructures [1] and their manipulation using the gate electric field[2,3], electric current [4] and light[5].
These results are a first step towards the practical realization of logic and memory devices based on magnetic skyrmions.


Fig.1 Left X-ray microscopy image of a magnetic skyrmion and its schematic representation [1]. Right: Illustration of the creation of a skyrmion lattice in ultrathin films using fs laser pulse excitation [4]



Spintec proposes several experimental and modelling post-doctoral positions on magnetic skyrmions and their manipulation with the objective of pushing forward fundamental knowledge in view of technological applications for memory and logics.

The aims will be 1. to develop novel material systems to achieve nm scale skyrmions stable at room temperature and allow their efficient manipulation (position 1) 2. to explore and control the skyrmion manipulation by current and electric field and their interaction (position 2) 3. to model the stability and dynamics of magnetic skyrmions and their interaction in ultrathin films using analytical and numerical tools (atomistic and micromagnetic simulation) (position 3).
This position is part of a larger project with the aim of pushing forward fundamental knowledge on magnetic skyrmions in view of technological applications for memory and logics. Applicants should hold a phd in solid state physics or related discipline and have a previous experience in nanomagnetism or spintronics. Applications must include a CV, motivation letter and be posted at this link:

The position is expected to start in November 2019.

More information: Olivier Boulle,

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