Post-doctoral position – Spintronic devices based on magnetic skyrmions

Design of memory and logic devices based on magnetic skyrmions

Spintec invites applications for a postdoctoral fellowship on the design of memory and logic devices based on magnetic skyrmions. Magnetic skyrmions are topological spin textures that show great promise for storing and manipulating information at the nanoscale. Logic and memory devices have recently been proposed in which skyrmions in magnetic tracks encode information and are manipulated by electrical currents. The nanoscale size of the skyrmions, their fast manipulation and topological stability allow for a unique combination of high data density, high data flow and low power consumption. Recently, Spintec has demonstrated room temperature magnetic skyrmions in ultrathin nanostructures as well as their manipulation in magnetic tracks by electric currents and gate electric fields. These results are a first step towards the practical realization of logic and memory devices based on magnetic skyrmions. Promising non-conventional logic devices based on manipulation have also been recently proposed for neuromorphic, stochastic, Brownian and reservoir computing.


Post-doctoral position - Spintronic devices based on magnetic skyrmions

The objective of the post-doc will be the design of logic-in-memory devices and circuits based on the manipulation of magnetic skyrmions. The tasks will include the building of a physical model for skyrmion dynamics, the development of a compact model for electrical simulations, the evaluation of elementary logic circuits.

The candidate should hold a Ph.D. in the field of electronic circuit design at the full circuit/circuit level and have experience in standard design tools (Cadence). Experience in unconventional computing (neuromorphic, stochastic) and spintronic devices would be an asset.

The post-doc will take place at the Spintec laboratory in Grenoble, France. It is part of an international research program funded by the US agency DARPA. The design work will be carried out in close collaboration with experimental teams working on magnetic logic, as well as micromagnetic modeling teams.

Applications must include a CV, a motivation letter and be posted at this link: The position is expected to start in June 2020. Spintec is located in Grenoble, France. For more information please contact Olivier Boulle or Guillaume Prenat.

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