[POSITION FILED] Post-doctoral position – Superconductor / antiferro- and alter-magnet hybrids – experimental (M/W)

Subject and context : The aim of the project is to identify novel mechanisms to fully exploit specificities of d-wave superconductivity for ultrafast dynamic coupling with magnetism. The expected result is to open up prospects for non-dissipative spin transport over long distances, protected by superconducting coherence. Interface engineering and the DOS anisotropy of some high-Tc superconductors, as well as spin splitting of the electronic bands in some specific compensated magnets are among the levers that will be used to promote the emergence of spin-polarised triplet states of Cooper pairs. The candidate will work in the frame of a collaborative project (SUPERFAST) funded by the French national agency for research (ANR). The project is supported by the following consortium: UMR CNRS/Thales Paris region, SPINTEC Grenoble, LSI Paris region, and LOMA Bordeaux.

The candidate will conduct nanofabrication, magnetotransport, and data analysis and interpretation, to study the injection, propagation and detection of Cooper pairs in superconducting / antiferromagnets and superconducting / altermagnets hybrids.
The candidate will join the ANTIFERROMAGNETIC SPINTRONICS team at the SPINTEC laboratory (spintronics and component technology laboratory).

The expected date of employment is January 1st, 2024. Depending on experience, the contact period will be 12 to 18 months.

Requirements :

  • hold a PhD degree in Physics or a similar field ;
  • have an in-depth knowledge of condensed matter physics, particularly nanomagnetism, spintronics and superconductivity ;
  • have a solid experience in clean room nanofabrication and magnetotransport characterization ;
  • have good analytical skills, be thorough, organized and proactive ;
  • be able to lead a project autonomously but must be a team player ;
  • be able to communicate fluently in English.
  • To apply:
    Candidates should apply through the CNRS Careers Portal (https://bit.ly/44RIbHR), attaching a complete CV, a cover letter and recommendation letters.
    Vincent BALTZ (vincent.baltz@cea.fr)

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