Recruiting a post-doctoral researcher on building spintronic neural networks for pattern recognition

Context: In the frame of the CEA (PTC-ID) project SpinTrain, Spintec laboratory is opening a postdoctoral researcher position. The candidate will work on stochastic magnetic tunnel junctions grown and fabricated at Spintec, and will use them to explore brain-inspired schemes promising for building energy-efficient computing hardware. The project will have a strong interdisciplinary aspect (Spintronic, Artificial Intelligence, Brain-inspired computing, Electronics).

Position: The work includes building an experimental spintronic neural network prototypes key for unconventional computing schemes we will develop. The candidate must hold a Ph.D. in physics, with a good knowledge of artificial neural networks, spintronic, magnetism, and familiarities with unconventional computing approaches. A previous experience in bio-inspired computing will be highly appreciated. The successful candidate will join the « Artificial Intelligence » team of Spintec and an international consortium of laboratories that are leaders in spintronic unconventional computing using stochastic magnetic tunnel junctions.

Contact: Philippe TALATCHIAN

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