Review — Cancer treatment by magneto-mechanical effect of particles

Cécile Naud, Caroline Thébault, Marie Carrière, Yanxia Hou, Robert Morel, François Berger, Bernard Dieny, Hélène Joisten, Nanoscale Advances, RSC (2020).

Cancer treatment by magneto-mechanical effect of particles (TMMEP) is a growing field of research. The principle of this technique is to apply a mechanical force on cancer cells in order to destroy them thanks to magnetic particles vibrations. For this purpose, magnetic particles are injected in the tumor or exposed to cancer cells and a low-frequency alternating magnetic field is applied. This therapeutic approach is quite new and a wide range of treatment parameters are explored to date, as described in the literature. This review explains the principle of the technique, summarizes the parameters used by the different groups and reports the main in vitro and in vivo results.

Team: Health and Biology

Available from HAL-02884942 archive, and Publisher’s DOI 10.1039/d0na00187b

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