Seminar – Can magnetic tunnel junctions help make cognitive computing more efficient

On Wednesday July 5th 2023, we have the pleasure to welcome in SPINTEC Mark Stiles from NIST. He will give us a seminar at 14:00, entitled :
Can magnetic tunnel junctions help make cognitive computing more efficient?

Place : IRIG/SPINTEC, auditorium 445 CEA Building 10.05 (access to CEA needs pass (*))

visio link (**) :

Abstract : In this talk, I discuss why computer designers are looking to the brain for inspiration on how to develop novel ways of computing for cognitive tasks, why magnetic tunnel junctions might make valuable contributions to this process, and why success requires considering all levels of the computational stack from devices through the architecture. I illustrate these points in terms of two of the recent computational platforms my colleagues and I have worked on – first, experimental results on binary neural networks based on crossbar arrays of magnetic tunnel junctions and second, a complex-valued Hopfield network using spin-torque oscillators, memristors, and CMOS circuitry.

Biography : Mark Stiles is a NIST Fellow in the Alternative Computing Group at the National Institute of Standards and Technology. He received a M.S./B.S. in Physics from Yale University, and a Ph.D. degree in Physics from Cornell University. Following postdoctoral research at AT&T Bell Laboratories, he joined the research staff at NIST. Mark’s research has focused on the development of a variety of theoretical methods for predicting the properties of magnetic nanostructures and has recently shifted to alternative computing. He has helped organize numerous conferences, has served the American Physical Society on various committees, and has served on the editorial boards of several Physical Review journals. Mark is a Fellow of the American Physical Society and IEEE.

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