Seminar – In-memory computing architectures based on non volatile memories

On Tuesday, March 21th 2023, we have the pleasure to welcome in SPINTEC Valentin Egloff. He will give us a seminar at 13:30, entitled :

In-memory computing architectures based on non volatile memories

Place : the seminar will be given only online

skype link (*) :

Abstract : Today computing centric von Neumann architectures face strong limitations in the data-intensive context of numerous applications. The key limitation is the memory wall due to increased performance gap between processors and memories. To mitigate this gap, cache hierarchy was introduced but it largely increased energy consumption while not being adapted for modern big datasets. Not only those architectures struggle with big datasets due to their high energy consumption and slow bandwidth, they can no longer be improved through technological advances such as node scaling. This calls for a paradigm shift to data centric architecture where treating massive amounts of data in a parallel fashion is the core principle.

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