Seminar – Light-driven Ultrafast Magnetic Phenomena: Towards Petahertz Spintronics

On Monday, November 22th at 13:30 Dr. Ilie-Elian RADU from Free University Berlin(*) will give us a seminar entitled:
Light-driven Ultrafast Magnetic Phenomena: Towards Petahertz Spintronics

Place : CEA Bat. 10.05 Room 445 (limited to persons having a CEA Badge)
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Abstract: Controlling order parameters (magnetic, ferroelectric etc) on ultimate time and length scales is a key quest in condensed matter research. This is particularly true for the field of magnetism and spintronics [1,2] where besides a fundamental scientific interest there is an exciting potential for technological applications in, e.g., high-speed magnetic logic and magnetic storage devices. Ultrafast laser pulses are very appealing tools in this context [3] as it has been shown to be able to photo-drive, measure and eventually control magnetic states of matter on ultrashort timescales [4,5]. Prominent examples of how ultrashort bursts of light can affect the magnetic order parameter are, for instance, the ultrafast demagnetization [6], generation of coherent spin dynamics at THz frequencies [7] and all-optical magnetization switching (AOS) [1-5], to name just a few. Despite of all these breakthroughs, the ultimate speed of controlling the spins remains a largely unexplored issue and yet to be demonstrated. Here, I will present the latest developments in our projects on ultrafast magnetism employing selective excitations and probing of spins using time- resolved techniques spanning the entire spectral range from soft X-rays to THz radiation. A particular focus will be placed on driving deterministic magnetization switching processes using these novel light sources. Future plans targeting light-driven spintronics phenomena at THz to PHz clock rates will be discussed as well.

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Affiliation : Department of Physics, Free University Berlin and Max Born Institute for Nonlinear Optics and Short Pulse Spectroscopy, Berlin, Germany

Biography : Ilie Radu holds a MSc in Laser Physics from West University of Timisoara, Romania and was awarded a Ph.D in 2006 from Free University Berlin, Germany with a thesis on Ultrafast nonlinear optics and magneto-optics of metallic rare-earth ferromagnets. As a postdoctoral research associate he joined Regensburg University and later on Radboud University Nijmegen, The Netherlands where, among other projects, he studied and revealed the microscopic mechanism driving all-optical magnetization switching (AOS) in ferrimagnetic GdFe. In 2012 he was appointed as a Group Leader at the Femto-slicing facility of BESSY II synchrotron where he led the in-house research efforts on ultrafast magnetic phenomena using laser- and synchrotron-based time-resolved techniques. He expanded his interest towards high-field nonlinear THz and X-ray science when joining Max Born Institute in 2016 as a Senior Scientist and recently the THz Physics group at the Free University Berlin. An expert in the intriguing field of ultrafast magnetism, Ilie Radu’s research interests include ultrafast charge and spin dynamics in magnetic and electron-correlated materials, THz spintronics and strong-field deterministic control of matter

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