Seminar : Recent achievements for ultrasensitive gas sensing and bio-physical detection

On March 30, we have the pleasure to welcome Ferial TERKI and Quang-Hung TRAN from Institut Charles Gerhardt Univ. Montpellier.
They will give us a seminar which will take place at SPINTEC room 434A at 11:00.

“Recent achievements for ultrasensitive gas sensing and bio-physical detection”

Promising generation of room temperature micro/nano-sensor «sensor 3.0» based on micromagnetometry devices for detection of hysteresis switching loops in addressable nanoparticle1 named Spin Cross-Over Materials (SCO) will be presented. An ensemble of [Fe(hptrz)3](OTs)2 nanoparticles with a volume of ca. 3×10-3 mm3 has been investigated and given rise to 100 nV detection signal1,2. Further improvements to the device have been achieved for the enhancement of the sensitivity, reduction of the noise, and the implementation of a new concept based on a differential method3 for a more accurate detection. These advances enabled an increase of the sensitivity by 4 order magnitude of the magnetization detection3 (10-14 emu ) in comparison to SQUID (10-10 emu). This optimization provides us an original microdevice, portable, flexible and easily integrated in electronics for detecting at room-temperature very little amount of nanoparticles. The ultimate target will be the study of single objects, in order to understand the magnetic behaviour of these nano-objects. The goals are: How evolves the interplay between volume and surface when the nanoparticle size is reduced? What is the relative impact of inter-particle interactions in the ligand matrix? This original and ultrasensitive experimental developments represent significant breakthroughs within the field of molecular magnetism and bio detection (femtomole) [4]. Efforts towards detecting SCO in single objects at room temperature using this powerful method are really promising to answer numerous still open questions.

We acknowledge the financial supports from ANR Nanohybrid 2014; EADS Fondation; Labex Chemisyst; SATT AxLR; Occitanie region and Egide – PHC – SATT.

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