Spin dependent transport within antiferromagnets

Exploring spin dependent transport properties of antiferromagnets and assessing antiferromagnetic spintronics

CEA/INAC/SP2M/Nanostructure et Magnétisme, Grenoble, France
Michigan state University and University of Texas at Austin, USA

Cluster Micro-Nano 2009 ’STARAC’


The goal of this project is :
1) To better understand, to quantify, and to manipulate spin dependent transport in antiferromagnets and
2) To assess its potentiality in terms of spintronics applications.

Two main effects are being studied :
1) The influence of a spin polarized current on antiferromagnetic materials and
2) The associated effect, which is the ability of an antiferromagnetic material to spin polarize a current.

Latest results
Preliminary observation of current induced modifications of antiferromagnetic configurations in patterned structures
Determination of antiferromagnetic spin dependent characteristic lengths

Permanent : Vincent Baltz, Hélène Béa, Mair Chshiev, Gilles Gaudin, Christophe Lemonias ;
PhD student : Pablo Merodio

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