SPINTEC featured in PanEuropeanNetworks (issue 23, 2017)

Pan European Networks, issue 23 (2017)

In relation with the ERC of Chief Scientists Bernard Diény, SPINTEC has been invited to be presented in the 23rd issue of Science and Technology of Pan European Networks. Pan European Networks is an independent portal devoted to providing the most relevant and up to date information for the use of not only the European Commission, but all government agencies and departments across the continent of Europe.

Whether it is from a scientific, educational or groundbreaking news perspective, the goal is to make sure that both the public and private sectors have the ability to communicate at the same level. Their publications give opportunity to some of the leading figures from across Europe to discuss current and future projects, policy change and problematic issues within science, technology, education, health, defense and wider governance.

This yielded an 8-page article presenting Spintronics and Spintec laboratory.

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