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Hélène Joisten, CEA research scientist since 1989, firstly joined CEA-LETI in the field of magnetic recording and magnetic sensors – magnetic materials and micromagnetism. She then joined SPINTEC in 2006, also located in CEA-Grenoble, and participated in the development of the first researches on “magnetism for biotechnology” at SPINTEC, topic emerging in 2009.
She headed the “Health and Biology” team of SPINTEC from 2009 to 2017. She coordinated in particular the ANR project NanoShark (2011-2016), then locally coordinated European H2020 FET-OPEN project ABIOMATER (2015-2019).
Her area of expertise is in the field of magnetic microstructures, in particular magnetically actuable micro-nano-objects in the form of magnetic micro-nanoparticles, as well as magnetic micro-tweezers, artificial micro-swimmers and magneto-elastic membranes. She is closely collaborating with biology laboratories (SyMMES, INSERM), her studies at SPINTEC being primarily intended for biomedical applications, in particular cancer cells destruction. Her studies likewise focus on photonics, optics, micro-robotics, potentially associated with biotechnology and biomedical area.
Co-inventor of a dozen patents (affiliated with CEA-LETI; then CEA-SPINTEC), a common thread of her studies is the theoretical and experimental behavior of various magnetic microstructures. She develops analytic models in magnetism and optics, uses finite element software (Flux3D), and is familiar with magnetic characterization such as magnetic force microscopy and magnetometers (VSM, BH-loopers). She graduated from Grenoble-INP ENSPG Génie Physique (Engineer, 1982); National Education, Agrégée de Physique, option physique appliquée (reçue au concours externe à l’agrégation passé à l’ENS Cachan, 1983); Grenoble-INP ENSERG (DEA, 1984). She taught (at CNED / lycée / IUT in Grenoble Univ.) and firstly joined the General Research of Merlin Gerin (Schneider Electric), followed by CSTB in Grenoble, before joining CEA-Grenoble.

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