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Liliana BUDA-PREJBEANU is currently Professor at Grenoble Institute of Technology (www.grenoble-inp.fr). Since her arrival at Spintec in 2002, she is in charge with the modelling of spintronic devices. With 20 years of expertise in micromagnetic modelling both numerical tools development and application, she covers multiple aspects of magnetization dynamics of magnetic nanostructures.
She is involved in several projects concerning the development of spin-driven magnetic random access memories MRAM (STT, SOT, all-optical). She is cooperating tightly with experimentalist partners in the area of field/current/voltage control of magnetic domain walls and skyrmionic structures to conceive non-volatile logic devices. Her expertise in non-linear magnetization dynamics is exploited to conceive spin-torque nano-oscillators. Her last contribution concerns the use of magnetic tunnel junction for neuromorphic devices.
She is deputy director of the European School of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (ESONN, www.esonn.fr) and member of the Scientific Committee of the Department of Physics, Engineering and Materials (PEM) of Univ. Grenoble Alpes. She is the Phelma’s coordinator of the Nanotech master program (www.nanotech.grenoble-inp.fr).

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