Research scientist(CNRS)

Romain Giraud (born 1975) is a CNRS Research Scientist, working in the SpinOrbitronics group and studying magnetism and quantum transport in nanostructures. His scientific background includes quantum magnetism, diluted ferromagnetic semiconductors and topological materials. Present scientific projects are focused on low-dimensional spin-textured electronic states at interfaces, either in nanowires of 3D topological insulators or in magnetic topological materials, for dissipationless spin transport. He is leading the CEA contribution to the FET ProActive European projet TOCHA (Dissipationless topological channels for information transfer and quantum metrology, 2019-2024).
Romain joined SPINTEC in 2016, after a long period of secondment at the IFW Dresden, in Germany. His scientific activities are mostly focused on nanofabrication (e-beam lithography) and magneto-transport measurements (down to very-low temperatures), and he is also in charge of the International Laboratory Association “SPINMAT” between SPINTEC and the IFW Dresden (2019-2024).

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