AUFFRET Stéphane


AUFFRET Stéphane

Research engineer(CEA)

Stéphane Auffret (born in 1964) has obtained, his PhD in 1992 on Structural, magnetic and transport properties of rare earth silicides, at the Joseph Fourier University (Grenoble I) .
In 1993, he obtained a permanent position at CEA/Grenoble in the Nanostrctures et Magnetisme Laboratory. He developed magneto-transport and magneto-optical benches for magnetic characterisation (Giant Magneto-Resistance, Tunnel MR, Extraordinary Hall Effect, Transverse Kerr effect) and processes on sputtering machines to improve properties of GMR systems, spin valves and TMR devices. In 2003, he moved to the newly created Laboratory SPINTEC (CEA/Grenoble / INAC) where he manages the complete realisation of a new cluster sputtering machine and develop deposition, oxidation and etching processes in order to carry out low RA junction for MRAM application in collaboration with the CROCUS start-up, mutilayers with perpendicular anisotropy and spin polarisation layers for RF, spin-orbital, DMI, skyrmions and AF coupling studies and devices.

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