Unique event at IEDM 2016 – A poster session dedicated to MRAM

With the rising interest of the microelectronics industry for STT-MRAM and spintronics in general, it is very important to strengthen the links between the IEEE Magnetics Society and the IEEE Electron Devices Society (EDS). The purpose is to contribute reducing the cultural gap which still exists between magnetism and microelectronics communities and thereby ease the penetration of magnetism-based technology within microelectronics industry. IEDM (International Electron Devices Meeting) is the main annual conference of the EDS Society. After discussion with the IEDM organizers, it was agreed for the first time to organize a special poster session during IEDM 2016 (San Francisco, 4-7 December 2016) entirely dedicated to MRAM (MRAM materials/phenomena/ technology/testing, hybrid CMOS/MTJ technology and circuits, spin-logic). This session was technically organized by the IEEE Magnetics Society and was embedded in the IEDM conference. The call for poster submission received more than 50 abstracts among which 33 were selected for poster presentation. The MRAM session took place the afternoon of the second conference day. It was quite successful and received lots of visitors (~300) from the Electron Devices Society. The session has been an excellent opportunity for bringing together magnetism and microelectronics experts. It was much appreciated from both EDS and MagSoc sides.  Several articles were published in the microelectronics press emphasizing the MRAM visibility during IEDM such as this one : http://semimd.com/blog/2016/12/12/mram-takes-center-stage-at-iedm-2016/. The session was also used to advertise our Society and our main conferences: INTERMAG and MMM. It is likely that such poster session dedicated to MRAM and technically sponsored by IEEE MagSoc will take place again next year at IEDM.

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