The purpose of this WP is twofold.

The first purpose is benchmark the performance of these CMOS/MTJ based circuits with those of CMOS-only circuits of similar functionalities. This work is still in progress but some initial results on CMOS/MTJ based microprocessor derived from RISK processor have already been obtained in WP4: Design of low-power hybrid CMOS/Magnetic circuits. 50% to 85% of energy savings thanks to the CMOS/MTJ technology have been reported in WP4.

The second purpose of this WP is to contribute reducing the cultural gap between microelectronics and magnetism communities by reciprocal educational actions (joint symposia, tutorials, summer schools, edition of introductory books…).

Along this line, an annual “Introductory course on MRAM” (InMRAM) has been launched and already took place in July 2013 and July 2014. A 3rd edition is scheduled for 1st-3rd July 2015. This introductory course aims at helping students, researchers and engineers having little or no background in magnetism to better understand the physics and working principles of MRAMs.


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