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Post-doctoral position – Nanostructures of 2D Materials for quantum optics and spintronics

Post-doctoral position available at IRIG/Spintec (12 months with possible extension) Nanostructures of 2D Materials for quantum optics and spintronics (NanoDRUM project) Recently, there has been tremendous interest in layered transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDCs). It started with the discovery that the canonical TMDC MoS2 becomes a direct bandgap semiconductor when isolated in monolayer (ML) form [Splendiani […]

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NV-APROC – An ANR project

NV-APROC stands for Non Volatile MRAM-based Asynchronous PROCessor, a 42-month ANR project starting on October 2019, coordinated by Spintec. Micro and nano electronics integrated circuit domain has been strongly driven by the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT). The constraints become very strong, especially in terms of power consumption and autonomy. Therefore there is […]

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MISTRAL – An ANR project

MISTRAL stands for MRAM/CMOS Hybridization to Secure Cryptographic Algorithms, an 42-month ANR project starting on October 2019, coordinated by EMSE (Ecole des Mines de St Etienne in Gardanne). MISTRAL is addressing the security of the cryptography embedded in connected objects at its highest standards while keeping concern by the energy footprint. Consequently, MISTRAL aims at […]

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LATEST PUBLICATIONS Publications archives

Physicochemical origin of improved MRAM cells with W capping layer

Increasing the thermal budget beyond 400°C of magnetic random access memory (MRAM) cells is a major goal to allow for seamless conventional electronics integration. At these temperatures significant material diffusion can destroy the interface properties of new generation perpendicular magnetization stacks targeting technology nodes below 20nm. This study highlights the origin in the improvement obtained […]

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A generic probe for spin fluctuations in nanometer-scale films

In the field of spintronics, which relies on the spin-dependent transport properties of matter, exploring spin fluctuations and phase transitions in ultrathin films is essential as it provides key information to engineer materials for applications. Here, O. Gladii et al investigated the generic character of a novel method to probe spin fluctuations through demonstration with […]

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Impact of heating on the stability phase diagrams of perpendicular MTJs

Measured switching diagrams of perpendicular magnetic tunnel junctions exhibit unexpected behavior at high voltages associated with significant heating of the storage layer. The boundaries deviate from the critical lines corresponding to the coercive field, which contrasts with the theoretically predicted behavior of a standard macrospin-based model. In this paper, we are proposing a modified model […]

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