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ELMAX – An ANR project

ELMAX stands for ELectrical Control of Magnetization in fully epitaXial van der Waals heterostructures. It is a 36 months young researcher project funded by the French ANR. The recent discovery of 2D magnets has enabled the investigation of spin devices fully made of van der Waals materials. Thanks to their two-dimensional nature, 2D magnets generally […]

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SpinSpike – An ANR project

SpinSpike stands for Spintronic Spiking Neurons. It is a 42-month-long ANR project (2021/2024). Spintronics has recently shown its promise for neuromorphic computing, but is lacking an essential ingredient of biological neural networks: spiking neurons. In this context, the objective of SpinSpike project is to explore novel approaches of spiking neurons using magnetic tunnel junctions. Building […]

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CONTRABASS stands for Ferroelectric control of Rashba states, a 42 months ANR project starting in December 2020. Spintronics devices involve ferromagnetic elements with high switching energies. Contrastingly, the polarization of ferroelectrics can be easily switched by an electric field, at energies typically 1000 times lower. Combined with high spin-orbit coupling elements, ferroelectrics have also a […]

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LATEST PUBLICATIONS Publications archives

Pushing the limits of fast swept-tuned spectrum analysis using Spin-Torque Nano-Oscillators

Recent progress in nanotechnology has led to the development of spin-torque nano-oscillators (STNO), whose time constants, due to their nano-scale size, are naturally of the order of 1-100 nanoseconds. At SPINTEC we demonstrated experimentally for the first time that the use of such STNOs in swept-tuned microwave spectrum analyzers leads to a substantial reduction of […]

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Unveiling the heart of magnetic memory cells thanks to electron holography

Magnetic spintronic memory called STT-MRAM have recently entered in volume production at major microelectronic foundries. The research in this area is now focused on preparing the future memory generations with higher capacity, higher speed, lower power consumption, wider range of operating temperature. To conduct this type of research, it is important to be able to […]

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Optical access of magnetic tunnel junctions for future hybrid spintronic–photonic memory circuits

We demonstrate in this study a fabrication process that enables the realization of a top transparent conductive electrode of magnetic tunnel junctions (MTJs), building blocks of magnetic random access memories (MRAMs). This work opens up the realization of future and faster nonvolatile memories based on hybrid spintronic photonic circuits. This new process has been electrically […]

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