The excellence of the scientific production of SPINTEC is unambiguously shown by the number and the impact of the publications. Over the 5 years, the activity of SPINTEC led to 175 papers in international refereed journals , including 23 in journals with the highest impact factors (> 6.5) The number of papers published by SPINTEC researchers remained roughly constant over the evaluated period – about 30-35 / year , with a consistent presence in the most prominent journals (when considering their impact factors).


Scientific publications span all the range from fundamental physics to demonstrations of device concepts: since 2009, we count 31 PRB, 11 PRL, 1 Nature, 2 Nature Materials, 1 Nature Communications and on the other side 40 Applied Physics Letters and 1 Nature Nanotechnology.


SPINTEC considers conferences as an excellent opportunity for the dissemination of its scientific results. Thus, SPINTEC researchers have presented more than 500 communications (more than 20 per person on average) at scientific conferences. The impact and recognition of the laboratory are highlighted by the large number of invited papers.


Besides, SPINTEC has filed of 45 patents over the evaluated period, primarily in the field of magnetic memories, but also on RF oscillators, high density recording media, magnetic sensors, new materials for spintronics, or magnetic biotechnology.



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