Research team Microwave devices, within the Concepts group


Spin torque driven excitation spectra and microwave performances for different STNO configurations Description The dynamic response under spin transfer torque depends on the magnetization configuration of the polarizer and the free layer. At SPINTEC we have focused on two configurations which are (i) a perpendicular polarizer or (ii) a synthetic antiferromagnetic free layer. Partners LETI/DCOS […]

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Injection and detection of pure spin currents using ferromagnetic resonance Description Damping enhancement in ferromagnetic resonance to study spin current injection from FM1 and spin absorption in FM2 or NM in magnetic heterostructures FM1/Cu/FM2 or FM1/Cu/NM. Partners Prof. W. E. Bailey, Columbia University, New York, USA F. Wilhelm, A. Rogalev, European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF), […]

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Development of magnetic tunnel junctions (MTJ) of low RA and high TMR Description Optimization of the deposition parameters using the LETI/DCOS IBS sputtering deposition tool from SPTS to realize high quality magnetic tunnel junction oscillators of different device configurations. Partners LETI/DCOS (Marie Claire Cyrille) CEA/SPEC Saclay (Olivier Klein) CNRS/THALES (Vincent Cros, Julien Kermorvant) Financing ANR-09-NANO-037 […]

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