CRYMCO – An ANR project

The goal of project CRYMCO is to optimize MRAM cell concepts for operation in cryogenic temperature environments. The project will explore applications for storage in conventional and quantum information processing. In the first case, MRAM with low energy dissipation for cryogenic environments could result in power savings by operating at low temperature, when the cost/power required to cool down circuits is lower than the operating energy gains. This is especially important as a solution to reduce data center power requirements, which is predicted to increase significantly in the next decade. In the case of quantum information processing, the possibility to store state of a qubit locally at low temperature, reduces the overhead to achieve reliable qubits. This is achieved by decreasing the energy to transfer information between electronic sub-systems at different temperature levels. The current standard method requires collecting the qubit state up to room temperature. The approach of CRYMCO is expected to be faster and easier to implement, such that the Qubit readout will no longer be the most time / power consuming operation. The ultimate project target is to achieve a viable hardware integration of MRAM close to quantum hardware. It will provide an energy efficient hardware platform that can be scaled to larger systems.
The project is collaborative research effort between Spintec and Institut Neel funded by the French research agency ANR for a total of 42 months.

Contact: Ricardo SOUSA


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