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ELECSPIN project has just been accepted at the 2016 ANR call. This collaborative research project aims to investigate the advanced concept of radically new nanoelectronics devices based on the electric-field control of spin-based phenomena and establish proof of principle demonstrations of multi-terminal energy efficient memory nano devices.  The main  objectives are:

  1. To explore, understand and optimize the physical mechanisms of electric-field control on intrinsic magnetic properties including anisotropy and spin orbit torque using two main approaches: electrostatic charge modulation and ion migratio
  2. To develop highly homogeneous oxide/metallic systems exhibiting low density of intrinsic defects and sharp interfaces
  3. To demonstrate the switching at ultralow power of multi-terminal integrated memory nano devices (domain-wall and spin transfer torque based memory devices)
  4. To investigate the scalability of this concept, their performances in terms of endurance, temperature behaviour, power consumption and develop the first roadmap for the development of voltage controlled spintronics devices.


Local contacts at SPINTEC

Hélène Béa and Mair Chshiev



  • SPINTEC for ab-initio calculations to predict and design the best system for large electric-field effects and the development of low power electric field assisted spin transfer torque memory devices with high endurance and thermal performances.
  • The Nanoelectronic department from Institut d’Electronique Fondamentale for the development of a new design for fully electric field controlled domain-wall based memory devices and micro magnetic simulations for optimizing the tailored design.
  • The Micro and Nanomagnetism research group of Institut Néel for the study of underlying physics and mechanisms of electric field effects on domain wall motion and on anisotropy.
  • The Electrochemistry and Thin Film group at Laboratory Physique de la Matière Condensée of Ecole Polytechnique for the development and use of electrochemical environment and in-situ magneto-optic Kerr microscopy to study electric field controlled domain wall motion with purely electrostatic field effects.


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