MAESTRO – An ANR project

Magnon-spintronics aspires to become a novel information technology exploiting the spin degree of freedom. The goal of MAESTRO (2018-2021) is to masterize spin-wave (SW) turbulences occurring in low loss magnetic materials, whose benefit is to exploit the operation of magnon-devices at large spin currents. It requires fundamental progress on our insight about magnon-magnon interaction
– by exploiting magnonics concepts through either periodic nano-patterning or spatial texturing of the magnetic configuration in order to lift the degeneracy between quasi-degenerate modes.
– by exploiting spintronics concepts through the regenerative spin transfer process associated to spin orbit effects in order to decrease/increase the linewidth depending on the current polarity of an electrical current injected in an adjacent metallic layer.
Ultimately this effort will allow to conceive novel smart and compact novel microwave components capable to prepare for the long term evolution of wireless telecommunication.

Local contact in SPINTEC

Olivier KLEIN



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