MATEMAC3D – An ANR project


The objective of the project is to combine all key ingredients for modern Spintronics and SpinOrbitronics modeling within a novel and original non-commercial multi-physics software. These key ingredients are the appropriate spin transport equations that are easy-implementable in a numerical solver, the simultaneous resolution of the spin-dependent transport and magnetization dynamics, and finally the possibility to deal with any complex shape geometry.

Our expertise in the finite-element based calculations applied to micromagnetics and simple spin diffusive transport is a good basis to make a qualitative leap forwards in this field. In addition to conventional Spintronics phenomena and micromagnetics, the advanced spin transport model of our numerical tool will include the spin-orbit effects and the current-in-plane ballistic corrections inspired from the spin-dependent Boltzmann equations.

The final goal is to make this software and its documentation accessible freely to a large community via a dedicated website.

Contact: Daria Gusakova


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