[POSITION FILLED] Post-doctoral position – TEM magnetic haracterization of MRAM devices

We are looking for a post doctoral researcher to work on a project focused on measuring the magnetic fields and their stability in magnetic memory devices. The candidate will act as the liaison between Spintec in Grenoble (Pure research on magnetic devices) with CEA LETI (microelectronics) on a project which aims to bring these memories closer to production. Here a range of novel magnetic devices will be characterized by off-axis electron holography and their stability at elevated temperatures /during operation will be studied. Specimen preparation will be challenging and as such we are looking for a candidate who enjoys experimental work.

The work will be performed on a double-corrected FEI Titan Ultimate and probe corrected FEI Titan Themis which are each equipped with an electron biprism. We also have access to a FEI Osiris and FEI Tecnai which are compatible with as well as a variety of dual-beam FIB tools. We also have a range of specimen holders for annealing and biasing of whose use has been fully debugged.

The position is funded for two years and will ideally begin in January, although flexibility is possible. This position is based on the nanocharacterisation platform at Minatec in the French Alps.



We are looking for a candidate who has experience in performing one or all of electron holography / other advanced TEM / insitu electrical biasing or annealing / FIB specimen preparation and who would like to work on a project that bridges pure and applied research.
Full training in any of the above techniques is possible for the right candidate who has previouslydemonstrated competence in advanced TEM characterisation.

Interested candidates should send their CV and a letter of motivation to david.cooper@cea.fr

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